Key organisational elements

A star is the center of any planetary system. It attracts the planets and maintains a sense of belonging.  Just like the planets circling the stars because of their powerful energy, our symbol represents a landmark and suggests security. Also, since creativity in work is an extremely important factor, the star also symbolizes a fresh perspective, a spark, a different point of view, and it casts a new light.

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C-Star concept

Planets are at the basis of the new organisational structure, and we decided to present that through the logo, with a symbol that unites and attracts them. A star.

The way we work

Excellence, exceptional work, competence – a star symbolizes quality, so it’s often used for ratings. Since it is a strong and expressive symbol, we use it to communicate reliability and the confident position of the company.  On the other hand, it symbolizes playfulness, new ideas, and hope.